Services are tailored to your situation and are usually on a fixed-fee basis

  • patent searching,
  • patentability opinions,
  • drafting, filing and prosecution of non-provisional Utility and Design Patents,
  • drafting and filing of Provisional applications.
  • Cost
    My novelty searches are almost always on a fixed price basis. If we can scope the effort involved for drafting your patent I can also provide you with a fixed-fee quote before starting on any work.
  • Individual Inventor or Start-up? Many of my clients are one or two people with a new idea. I enjoy explaining the basics of the patent system to them and working with them to shape and clarify the core protectable concepts of their invention.
  • Small Company? As someone who started a small company that, as it turned out, had inadequate patent protection, I would advise you to find an IP professional who can help you look at the big picture of your products, technologies and future plans. You probably need to be selective in what level of patent protection you need.
  • Medium Size Company, Already have a Patent Attorney? There may be ways to improve the cost-effectiveness of your IP protection process by having a patent agent do some of the leg-work. Informal discussions with engineers, attending product planning meetings and conducting frequent informal searches may be tasks that are not always practical for your outside patent attorney to perform. Many large companies have patent agents and attorneys in-house who complement the work of their external IP attorneys.

Provisional Application?
It is a case-by-case decision in my opinion, as to the wisdom of filing a so-called PPA. A very short overview of the issues are: On the one hand it is inexpensive to file and there are very few formal requirements. In some cases it is critical to do quickly. On the other hand filing a provisional application can lead to a false sense that "patent-pending" means that you are covered when you are not. There are a few mistakes that can be made which could actually hurt your future utility application. Please, do a search on the pros and cons of provisional applications.