“The single thing I have had the most positive comments on is an ability to explain something complicated in a simple but accurate way. Explaining issues that come up in the patent system to you and explaining your invention to the patent office are both important to your success in getting the IP protection most valuable to you.”
---George White

George became a Patent Agent after successful career as engineer and entrepreneur.
Intel Corporation, Corollary, Inc., Texas Instruments, Western Digital.
USPTO Registration 62,267
S.B. in Electrical Engineering, M.I.T. Certificate in Alternate Dispute Resolution, U.C.I.
ORGANIZATIONS Orange County Patent Law Association and National Association of Patent Practitioners
Value Added Philosophy
It’s important that your claims do not just cover your first implementation. 
You may have a tangible example of your invention in your hand. That is not your “invention”. To a skilled patent practitioner no single specific physical thing is your invention. It is only a particular manifestation embodying the teachings of your actual invention. While you need to be focused on getting the features and details of your product refined, your patent attorney or agent needs to help you step back and extract the essence of the invention.